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See also: The Walking Dead season 9 Beta appears for the first time in the episode " Guardians " when he discovers Henry following the Whisperers in order to save Lydia ; he grabs Henry and presents the boy to Alpha. That night, Alpha orders her daughter to walkign Henry with a knife to prove which side she is on, but Lydia refuses and Alpha then orders Beta to execute them both. Suddenly, the appearance of several walkers in the camp puts the camp in chaos; Alpha and Beta went to help the others.

Moments later, Daryl and Connie, who created the distraction, arrive unnoticed to rescue Henry. However, they also take Lydia at Henry's insistence. The next morning, the group manages to spot them in an abandoned building. Beta and his team quickly break in, and discover a trap meant to separate them from partneer dead. Soon after, Daryl and Beta have a one-on-one duel in which Beta announces that all he wants is "the girl".

However, Daryl manages to shove Beta down an elevator shaft. Shortly after, Beta rises in pain and peers up, enraged, and covered in blood, with his bottom front teeth having been knocked out from the more than two-story fall.

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Beta, who managed to find a way out of the elevator shaft, emerges from the trees and orders the group to drop their weapons. He then approaches and growls at Daryl, who is taken by surprise since he thought Beta was dead, and reminds Daryl that all he had to do was hand over Lydia and that this initial waalking is now off. Back at the camp, after Alpha showed Wqnted what her people are capable of doing if they ever crossed their borders again, Beta approached Alpha to ask her about paartner happened with Lydia.

He is only told by Alpha that she wanted aanted be left alone so that she can endure her pain by herself; Beta obeys and leaves her alone. After surviving a great storm that swept through the Whisperers' entire territory, the Whisperers proceed to reassemble their camp while Beta privately meets with a disconsolate Alpha; he informs her that the time away has been good for the pack.

When this new information assures her, Alpha reminds Beta that she will need to be strong for what comes next; he assures her that she will be.

Alpha then hands Beta a branch and stretches her left arm out. Beta, without hesitation, begins to wound her by whipping her arm with the branch to make her stronger. However, they distrusted each other as they were getting to know each other, but after Alpha discovered Beta's face, both began to develop a mutual trust. In the present, Alpha orders Beta to collect more walkers from a nearby parking lot and take the two sisters Mary and Frances with him.

In the garage, Beta attracts the walkers successfully, but Frances, whom Alpha had forced to leave her newborn at the Hilltop Colony, believes she hears a baby crying walkkng and enters into a panic, causing the walkers to turn against them. Beta then rescues Frances and returns to camp without the walkers. There, Beta is ready to execute Frances, but Alpha instead takes Frances to talk privately where Frances cries and regrets her actions.

Beta then begins worrying why Alpha chose not to punish Frances for showing weakness and wonders why they have not attacked the other communities yet. Later, Beta follows Alpha and discovers that she has made a small shrine for Lydia. Alpha then admits to an angered Beta that she lied about killing Lydia and that she is still alive, and breaks down telling Beta that awlking couldn't bring herself to kill her daughter.

Partnee then destroys the shrine and ple with him to keep secret about Lydia being alive; Beta promises that he will.

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She then cuts the Whisperer on his arm and leg, and hands the knife to Beta, who approaches the injured Whisperer and slashes him on the back of his neck to finish the job. That night, Beta and a group of Whisperers arrive at one of their borders after hearing the yells of a man—Negan. Beta confronts and throws Negan to the ground before he can keep killing their walkers.

When Negan keeps talking and making jokes, Beta puts his knives to Negan's throat and demands him to be quiet as he told him that he is too loud. Negan apologizes and introduces himself, explaining that he has been a prisoner of their enemy for eight years and is willing to reveal their secrets. Upon arriving at their camp, Beta argues with Alpha that Negan should be killed because he could not be trusted and that he doesn't belong wallking them.

Alpha notes that Beta has been questioning her rather often lately and asks if he is finally challenging her. Beta kneels in submission and vows that he will never challenge her; Alpha forgives him. Later that day, Beta forces Negan to do a series of tasks, including digging graves, skinning walkers and dalking hunt a wild boar to prove his worthiness.

That night, Beta tells Negan that he has not earned the right to eat with them and throws him to the ground. He then notices in anger as another Whisperer shares some of his meal with Negan. A while later, Beta takes Negan to walk among one of their herds in wanyed woods as his final task. However, after Beta unleashed anger again upon hearing more jokes from Negan, Beta assured Negan that he'll never be one of them because he's too loud and weak. Beta then kills the Whisperer that shared his meal with Waoking in response and walks away, leaving Negan to fend for himself with only a pocket knife.

The next morning, Beta returns to the camp and informs Alpha that Negan died because he was weak, but is suddenly left in shock when a blood-covered Negan arrives back and kneels in partnwr of Alpha to introduce himself and offer his loyalty to her. He then watches Alpha as she accepts Negan.

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However, when the girl never reached her destination, Alpha began to suspect that the traitor was actually her and ordered Beta to track her down, who alleged that he would murder her for what he had done but her wishes were quickly refuted by Alpha, who assured that she would personally punish her in front of the entire herd.

In the episode " Stalker ", Beta enters Alexandria in the middle of the night through an underground tunnel that one of his spies had awlking, Beta proceeded to brutally murder several alexandrians who were in their homes and wakking waited for them to transform into walkers as a way to create a distraction to be able to search for Gamma without any problem. Locating the girl inside a cell, Beta ordered him to surrender ensuring that her death would be painless in case she did not fight him but before he could accomplish his task, Laura's arrival allowed Mary to escape and Beta was threatened by the woman with a spear.

However, the whisperer managed to get rid of his adversary and quickly followed his prey to the Grimes' house, where he began to search for each room until he was shot down by Judith in the chest.

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Surviving the little girl's attack thanks to her bulletproof vest, Beta once again faced more of her enemies and while preparing to end Rosita's life, the man was interrupted when Mary threatened to commit suicide if she did not leave her opponent alone. Despite having fulfilled his mission to capture the deserter, paetner trip back to thecamp was nevertheless frustrated with the arrival of a group of alexandrians, who without thinking twice opened fire on Beta and the whisperer had no choice but to leave Gamma back to save your life.

In the episode " Morning Star ", Beta has declared war on the communities, and was tasked with extracting sap from various trees and later commanded his men through the horde on their way to Hilltop.

Once arrived at the community, Beta took full charge of her group's battle tactics, devising a clever plan that consisted of using the sap to spray her enemies with it and then firing flaming arrows to set fire to everything in its path. In the episode " Walk with Us ", Beta observes the remnants of the battle and wiping out the remaining survivors, Beta realized that Alpha was not satisfied with all the destruction he had caused because he had not found his daughter and personally offered to search for her in the surroundings.

In the process, Beta found Mary wiping out a few walkers and quickly stabbed her in the belly, but she futilely tried to santed the deranged man by removing part of his mask and eventually died in his hands. What happened was contemplated by a whisperer, who confessed to Beta to recognize him but before he could continue speaking, this ended the man. Waiting for the girl to revive as a walker, Beta did not have time to take her with his group when Alden finished her off from a distance, and noting that she was at a disadvantage, he escaped in terror from her reach.

In the episode " Look at the Flowers ", after finding Alpha's zombified head embedded in a pike, Beta flatly refused to occupy the woman's rank within The Whisperers and punished one of his companions who proclaimed him their leader. While walking through an abandoned town in search of new walkers for his horde, Beta entered a bar where several pieces of music were found and while inspecting him he found several memories of his time as a singer; destroying all traces that made him face his past.

However, after reflecting on everything he had that made him remember his professional career, Beta wantev to listen to a recording of one of his concerts on the record player and, in turn, took the opportunity to attract wslking the walkers who were in the zone. After thanking the walker Alpha for all she had done for him, Beta walkin his miserable existence and removed part of the woman's face to replace the part of her mask that had been damaged; subsequently guiding the gigantic horde of walkers towards their enemies.

In the episode " The Tower ", Beta and the Whisperers as a new leader, has finally brought the horde to Alexandria, but finds it apparently empty. Meanwhile, as the horde sweeps Alexandria, Beta watches from the base of the mill. As he discusses his next assault with the other Whisperers, Beta hears voices in his head. Inform the other Whisperers that they will head towards Oceanside.

Unbeknownst to him, Alden is checking him out from the top wlking of the mill, who is communicating information to Aaron through s. Beta almost discovers Alden, but finally decides to take the retreat.

Walking Companion Jobs, Employment |

Beta is seen leading the horde towards Oceanside, but suddenly stops when he feels something is wrong. He complains that the survivors are not stupid and begins to suspect that they are leading them into a trap.

Walking partner wanted

Another Whisperer tries to reassure Beta, but in doing so, he accidentally calls him "Alpha". Despite his remorse, Beta prepares to kill the Whisperer, but the voice in his head stops him. Beta asks the voice to show him the way, but urges him to be partnfr and have faith in his strength. With that, Beta continues on with the horde, at the leadership of the horde and The Whisperers, Beta talks to himself and continues to hear voices in his head.

Just then, he sees a cat crossing the street. The voice is now manifested in a walker marching alongside Beta, who tells him that faith will be rewarded. Beta laughs tortuously. Beta has finally arrived at the Tower with the horde and its minions. He begins to sing and wallking the walkers too. In " A Certain Doom ," Beta continues to lead the herd and the Whisperers, but Daryl and several others infiltrate the horde using the walker guts trick and draw wanter horde away with a sound system hooked up to a wagon.

The Whisperers eventually manage to destroy the wagon, forcing Daryl's group to infiltrate the horde once again and take out the Whisperers one by one. Walkihg Lydia steering the herd away, Beta begins to follow her, but is confronted by Negan. Taking the former leader of the Saviors down, Beta prepares to kill him in revenge for the death of Alpha, but is attacked by Daryl who stabs Beta through both eyes.

Beta flashes back on his life as a Whisperer before he is devoured by the wqlking, a fate he gladly accepts. As Beta is devoured, his mask is partneg off, shocking Negan who recognizes who Beta really is, though Daryl simply calls him "nobody. Fear the Walking Dead[ edit ].

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But Facebook recently added a Story Archive option on top of the Stories bar, which means that your stories can be stored for future views or re-use.


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