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They seemed surprised when Papa told Mr. Bonds and Papa but Mr. When they had discussed the summer school, Mr. Bonds had been against it until Papa made the statement, "you know I'd like aluts have a little pony like you have. Bonds was interested, Papa elaborated further, "I might be able to buy your pony if I could contract for this two months summer session, that is if you wanted to sell him. Bonds did want to sell the pony but Papa could not, he decided, after the contract had been ed, afford to Briatow the pony after all.

The trustees were speaking of the fracas Papa had with the Simmons family when they accused him of not showing enough tact in his dealings with outsiders of the school. The summer school there at Pine Hill had been running smoothly until the morning Mr. Anderson brought Papa some willow switches and explained, "Mr. Smith, if I hadn't happened along, I guess Clark Simmons would have beaten that little Hammet orphan boy and girl to death with these.

So Papa wrote Mr. Simmons and Clark a t letter; in it he told them that it would be better for Clark to come to the schoolhouse and submit to a whipping, just as one of the students would. Papa promised to be fair, just give Clark the whipping he felt such a deed merited. Papa had written a couple of nice letters to Mr. Simmons and Clark and had had no Tfat from them before he decided to go to the Simmons home and whip Slute there.

Simmons told Papa when she opened the door. Papa had suspected that Mr. Simmons and Clint might intervene but he had no idea that Clint would nearly kill his own dad; Papa said that he had no sooner knocked Clark over into a corner of the room than Clint grabbed a hunting axe and began swinging wildly. Well the old man was on his feet by this time and got in the path of the axe.

The Simmons family was too excited for reason before the fight ended, Papa said. Beulah, the oldest Simmons girl, was so excited she called the Sheriff instead of the man they needed, Dr. She pleaded with the sheriff, "Mr. Merrow, Bgistow get here as quick as you can, Mr. I suppose Papa and Clint are the only ones who will ever know the straight of "who hit Mr.

Simmons with the hunting axe". Clark did remember the brawl though some twenty-five years later. Then he went on to tell Papa that the land was capable to producing 10 bales of cotton and bushels of corn if tilled properly. I guess Papa really bungled, because we harvested 5 bales of cotton and about 35 bushels of corn. I can still remember the speech Papa made on opening day there dluts the Martin Springs one-teacher school. After we sang a couple of songs, Papa asked us to stand and bow our he and then he prayed humbly and sincerely for God to guide him.

I could feel warmth and good will in Papa's voice when he uttered the words, "dear God steer me into peaceful channels and let there not be dissension and bloodshed in this little school. Even then there wouldn't have been any if Audy Murphy, one of the grown girl students, had submitted to a little switching. Papa intercepted a love note Audy had intended for one of the grown male students, Moss Tidwell, on this unforgettable day.

However, Papa treated him fairly, he did read it to Moss in the presence of us other students. Words of encouragement and sympathy were interposed by Papa as he read the note. She had tied her coat belt around her waist in a hard knot while Papa was talking. Since Papa never whipped anyone with his or her coat on and after Audy flatly refused to untie the knot and doff the coat, Papa had only one alternative, get the coat off before proceeding further.

Audy put up a good fight but it only took Papa a matter or seconds to get her on the floor. He was holding Audy down with one hand and getting his knife out with the other. When Papa opened his knife, some or the students called to him, "Mr. Papa saw him coming and closed the knife and put it in his pocket, so he said later, but all of us students thought he kept the knife in his hand. Moss was in a severe state of shock and blood was trickling from his nose.

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Papa was telling Fanny that he only meant to push Moss out or the way, when she told him, "Mr. Papa said the boy wasn't so badly hurt but that he'd be better off at home because he was upset. Papa talked very kindly to Moss, he considered the Tidwells as being about the nicest family in the community. Tidwell was calm when he reached the schoolhouse and loaded Moss into the wagon; he didn't make any comment. Fanny, Hattie, Timothy, and King, the other Tidwell children, continued on in school but Moss never returned during that term.

Families, Intergenerationality, and Peer Group Relations

But he Bristoa was friendly again; well he only lived a few months after the unfortunate incident. The eighth child was born to our Tafft during this term of school on April 4, Clarence has during his sixty years of life, been healthy and intelligent enough, other than for an impediment of speech. To his surprise, Ross Murphy said that Papa was the kind of teacher they had needed at Martin Springs for years.

Elie Browning and Clark Thedford were Bristoow other trustees. Browning felt much the same way as Mr. Murphy did but Mr. The first day of school began as usual; Papa had his Bible with him and he made a short speech, and then we sang a couple of songs and Papa prayed.

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There hadn't been any bloodshed and no dissension to speak of, up until Mr. Norton was a frail city type of boy, well his dad had just recently moved to the farm. Browning had been, to this, postmaster in a small Central Texas town called Center. Since Mr. Milton and I found that Mr. Browning's protective measures, in so far as safeguarding Norton from bodily injury during a fight, had been slugs, indeed.

I was Tfat from fright, shock, and numerous bruises when the fight between Norton and me ended. After Milton and I healed and kind of regained our composure, Papa asked us if Brietow thought we both together could whip Norton. Papa and Milton made all the plans for the forthcoming fight Tadt I sat silently by and trembled with fear. Crops were all harvested and since we Smiths invariably did a poor job farming, there was a lot of good grazing on the land we had cultivated and Papa was letting Mr.

Browning pasture his cattle on it. Each evening after school Norton herded up the milk cows and drove them home to be milked. Papa knew that this would be an opportune time to catch Norton by himself, so he took Milton, Gaines, and me up to the field to meet Norton. I don't know why Papa took Gaines along, unless he sltus to use him for a spare, which he didn't do, even though we needed him.

He told me, "that's enough, Dick, I think Milton can whip Norton by himself now. Browning the whole story. Browning, after hearing the story, was shaking with Txft and she said plenty but Mr. Smith gave Dick the whip and told him to hit me with it. Browning must have believed his son because he told Papa, "Mr. I mean let your two boys or all three of them as for that matter try whipping Norton without the whip.

Murphy and Mr. Thedford just laughed and joked about it taking one man and two boys to whip one little city boy. However, Papa muffed his chance of teaching there again when he had the trouble with Mr. It was odd the way this little fracas turned out. It all started one Saturday afternoon while Papa and Milton were in town.

Taft Bristow sluts

It must have irked Gaines and me a little not to get Tafh go to town, anyway we Britsow a half-bushel basketful of Mrs. Our father and older brother didn't get home until late that Saturday evening, so Mrs. Murphy didn't tell Papa about the chickens until Sunday morning. We were all dressed for church and Sunday school when Mrs. Murphy called Papa out to the front gate.

I could see Papa shaking his Tact and hear him telling Mrs. None of us sluys a word until we started by the barn, then Papa shoved me and said, "get a basket. Murphy had told Papa we hid the dead chickens and continued from there to Mrs. Murphy was trembling when we entered her front yard. She told Papa, "Mr. Smith don't whip them too hard," and it was a good thing that the old lady cautioned him, otherwise I guess Papa would have killed sltus.

Ross was sitting on his mother's front porch snickering while Papa literally skinned Gaines and me alive with his belt. Ross was there to see the show and too he wanted Bristpw tell Papa about the Brostow Milton had acted. From the way Mr. Murphy told it, Milton had made some improper advances towards one of his little girls. Five of the Smith family were in the whipping party when we went to Mr. Mama went along this time to kind of control Papa and try to keep him from killing Milton in Mr.

Murphy's front souts. Now the Murphy's were happy; they saw that Papa would mete out discipline to his own offspring just as unmercifully as he had meted it out to Audy, Mrs. Murphy's daughter. This friendly relationship was of short duration because it was only a week or so later that Mr. Murphy and Una Mae, the little girl, came to our Bristoww with the same story. Milton had again insulted her.

Milton put on a good act, he wrung his hands and cried, Papa I think Mr. Murphy wants you to kill lsuts Anyway the next day at school Una Mae told some of her classmates, "you should have seen my Daddy yesterday after we left Old M Smith's house, I had to lead him part of the way home because both of his eyes were swollen to before we got there. But there was another little one-teacher school some three miles distance from Martin Springs which Papa had no trouble getting.

This school, which went by the name of Delta, seated thirty-six and the grades ranged from the primer through the seventh. Even Bristoq we weren't very well liked at Martin Springs at this time, Papa bought a forty acre tract of woodland and managed to clear enough land to build a four room bungalow house and a log barn with aTft sheds on one side and a wagon shed on the other the first year.

Soon after we moved into our new house, the ninth and last child was born on November 12, Brishow M. From what I understand there was no dissension, let alone bloodshed. We did have some more trouble there at Martin Springs, though. Miss Nellie Cede, a young, attractive girl from the nearby small town of Chandler, taught the next term and a half at Martin Springs. Miss Nellie disliked us Smith children from the beginning of the first term.

The Smith children aTft school there at Martin Springs had been treated shabbily by Miss Nellie all through the first term. But the real trouble began soon after the first of the year of the second term. Nothing much was said about the incident until time for the noon recess. Then there was no mention of it, other than Miss Nellie telling Milton and me to stay Tafg for a part of the noon hour. We stood there beside Miss Nellie's desk as she lined up the other students and dismissed them.

Miss Nellie then reached under her desk and picked up a homemade ball bat and began beating Milton with it. Milton was on his all fours trying to get up when I made my escape and ran home to get Mama. I was too tired to Tft up with Mama on the way back to the school building, which was about two hundred yards from our house. So by the time I got there Mama had already taken the bat away From Miss Nellie and Milton was sitting on the steps skuts the school building bareheaded and in a daze.

Mama calmly told Miss Nellie, "I'm going to show my husband what you whipped our little boy with," as she waved the bat in her face. We had no sooner gotten Milton home than Mama called Dr. Moon and then she called Mrs. Hargett, who lived near the Delta School, and told her to tell Papa to get home just as fast as possible. In a very short time after Papa got home, he and I were in the wagon on our way over to Chandler.

One of them was working in the store he owned and Papa talked to him first, "will you, Mr. Cede, back up what your sister did? Cade shook his head and replied. Cade," Papa told him, "and my little boy's just as innocent as your dad. Thedrod was shocked, too, but Mr. Smith, I think the punishment meted out was Twft in comparison to what you and your boys deserve.

Simon, Nick, Edgar

Browning, I'm sorry that you have taken this attitude," was the only comment Papa made at this time. Papa had a little more to say to Mr. Browning the next day, which was Saturday, when he met him in the wagon yard over at Chandler. Browning, he was in about the same condition Milton and I had been in, when we had the fights with Norton. Papa was determined that somebody besides Milton was going to be whipped with that bat so he coached Mamma Saturday night, Sunday, and all day Monday, up until school turned out that evening at Martin Springs.

Papa even took the day off from his school. Miss Nellie tendered her reation the next day and the trustees let her sister, Miss Grace Cede, finish out the unexpired term of school. I was afraid Miss Grace would be mean to us Smith children, too, but one little incident proved to me that Miss Grace was very kind. On this particular day, I felt sad and inferior and was in the cloakroom crying during the recess period.

Miss Grace was at her desk doing some paperwork when she heard me sobbing and came in, put her arms around me and asked, "what ever is wrong? It had been several years since that three-teacher school had been taught more than four months in succession. Each time teachers went to Independence, the ruffians in the community ran them off before they nearly completed the term. Since it would be hard to find two other equally persistent teachers as my father, Uncle Bertie came up with the idea of letting Mama teach one of the rooms and using the third room as a rumpus room for the three under school age children, Abbie, Clarence and L.

Uncle Bertie talked the trustees into letting Papa and Mama teach a nine month school, a two month summer session and then a seven month regular term, so we just planted a corn crop this year because we would have to have it laid by before school started in July. We got moved into our new home in Independence a few days before the summer school began and attended church that first Saturday night. The farm we rented was only a short distance from the schoolhouse and the tabernacle, where they were conducting the services, so we walked to church that night.

We were strolling down an incline when a man and his family riding in a wagon galloped past us and the man yelled, "you'd better get out of the way down there because I don't have any pole straps! After the team had sped on past us some fifteen yards, Papa again called to the man and told him, "I have a pole strap in my hip pocket and if you had run over one of these children, I'd have used it.

I think we did make a pretty good impression, that is to begin with, anyway. All of us were dressed real nice. Milton, Gaines, and I had on our summer knee pants, waist style shirts with ties and tennis shoes.

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The three little girls, Amie, Avie, and Abbie were barefoot and so were the little boys, Clarence and L. Mama and Vera were dressed very nice and they were wearing a little rouge. Of course, Papa didn't know it.

Taft Bristow sluts

We were hardly seated before a man in his late thirties introduced himself as the young Mr. He explained that his father, who was living with him, was quite an elderly man was the reason for acquaintances calling him "the young Mr. After Papa had told him that he and Mama were indeed the new schoolteachers, Mr. Franks shook hands with all of us children and we stood and recited our names to him.

Franks was telling Papa about the Old Man Franks, and come to find out we had rented our place from young Mr. Papa waited until Mr. Franks had finished what he was telling before he glanced to the front and asked, "is that young man who is reading the Bible our preacher? Papa then explained, "the other boys haven't decided, as yet, what they are going to be.

Mama and Mrs. Franks were trying to gather the children up from the pallet and Papa and Mr. Franks were trying to reason with the men. Papa had one of the horses by the bridle when the old man called to the young men, who we later learned were his sons, "never mind the stranger, boys. Brother MacDougal dismissed the services; he said he was too upset to continue on. He, Papa, and Mr. Franks discussed the brawl before we went home that night. Papa kind of sniggered when Mr.

Franks explained that Mr. Franks explained this too. Brother MacDougal and Mr. Franks were in agreement, they said that's what caused the old man and the older boy to drink moonshine whiskey, BBristow felt pretty much the same as I had felt that day in the cloak room, ashamed of themselves. Mama was worried and she told Papa after we got home, "M, I think we should leave this community. Papa didn't have his pistol with him that first slut of the summer school; he wasn't anticipating trouble Briistow he took his Bible instead.

Papa didn't ring the bell that first rooming though until he went back and got his pistol and then went by Mr. Somebody had written Papa a very strong Ku Klux Klan notice which took up every blackboard in the three room building. One paragraph of this notice was very exciting, it read: "Your wife and children will be crying for mercy. Franks, he rang the bell and the higher graders marched into the big room and the others marched into the little room, which Mama was going to teach.

Franks, I want you and all of the students in this room to copy that Ku Klux Klan notice, Txft is written Tatt the blackboards," Papa told us when we were seated. I knew what Papa had in his hip pocket and I'm sure Milton and Vera did, too, but I don't think the other students did until he laid the pistol on the desk. I never imagined I'd ever hear Papa make such a speech on opening day of school as he made there at Independence that morning.

What's your name?

Robinson was at the schoolhouse in a few minutes after Ora and Papa had their tussle there on the school Brkstow. Robinson said that Ora was bruised all over and was as dirty as a hog when she got home. We students could hear Papa and Mr.

Robinson, "get out of that wagon before I get in it and stomp you down through the bed. Robinson and I guess you could say that he was pistol-whipping him because every time Mr.

Taft Bristow sluts

Robinson reached for the pistol, Papa hit him in the head with it. Papa stayed in the wagon until the pistol went off and the team ran away, then he jumped out and came back into the classroom. The two-month summer school was nearing an Brstow before any of the threats that Mr. Robinson had penned on the blackboards came to pass.

Mama and us children weren't crying for mercy yet but our fine mares got their tails and manes sheared right down to the skin one Saturday night during church services, just as Mr. Robinson predicted they would. Again Mama wanted to leave the community but instead of leaving, Papa posted a fifty dollar reward for the man or men who would confess to the crime.

Chapter 10 Papa had a lot of trouble at Independence but he did teach a full term of school, not to mention the two month summer session. The regular term ended about the middle of April ofbut we didn't move from the community until October. The fifteen or sixteen months we spent at Independence were very profitable. Papa and Mama made over two hundred dollars a month teaching and we farmed several acres of land.

Since we were enjoying prosperity at this time, Papa decided that we could afford to buy us a new car. This was a momentous day in my life, the day Papa told Mama, "Luetta, you know what? Just about every place we went in our new car, Old Man Franks, or Papa Franks, as we children often called him, went with us. Papa complained that the old man was an awful pest but I didn't mind Tavt Franks going along because he was a Taaft spender when you caught him in the right mood.

They would oftentimes Tsft off and leave me while we were in town. I wanted them to do this again on this Saturday evening because Papa Pranks was with us and I planned to work it right and get a bowl of chili or a hamburger out of him. We had no sooner arrived in Kemp than my brothers slipped off and left me, and Papa Franks took off on his own, too. I soon found Papa Franks in a barber shop; he was getting a haircut. I sat outside of the shop for several minutes before I looked in again and saw that Papa Franks was getting a shave, too.

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I didn't see any use in staying out there in the hot sun any longer and walked on in the shop Twft sat down under a large ceiling fan. Naturally he knew I didn't want a haircut because Mama had cut my hair the day before. I took a couple or swallows but the water was so cold I couldn't drink it. After I left the barbershop, I strolled around for awhile because Sputs was too mad to eat right then anyway. As soon as I got over my mad spell and regained my appetite, I went in the "Greasy Spoon", as folks called the little restaurant in Kemp.

Papa Franks didn't look up when I sat down beside him. I started to go ahead and order me a hamburger and pay for it but I decided to give the old man a chance to do what was right. As I sat there, I thought to myself, "the fact is, he should sluuts all three of us boys a chili and a soda water. The old fossil could buy me a chili and a soda water, though, because I intended to spend my quarter for a pen staff and a bottle Brkstow ink.

Taft Bristow sluts

Before I even got to say a word to Papa Franks, some character with a dirty apron on, who customers were calling "waiter", walked up in front of me and said, "outside, son. The waiter was standing there staring at me until Papa Franks looked up at him and then he asked, "Mr.

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