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If not, If studious youth no longer crave, His ancient appetites forgot, Kingston, or Ballantyne the brave, Or Cooper of the wood and wave: So be it, also! And may I And all my pirates share the grave Where these and their creations lie!


He clambered up and down stairs, and went from the parlour to the bar and back again, and sometimes put his nose out of doors to smell the sea, holding on to the walls as he went for support and breathing hard and fast like a man on a steep mountain. He never particularly addressed me, and it is my belief he had as good as forgotten his confidences; but his temper was more flighty, and allowing for his bodily weakness, more violent than ever.

He had an alarming way now when he was drunk of drawing his cutlass and laying it bare before him on the table. But with all that, he minded people less and seemed shut up in his own thoughts and rather wandering. Once, for instance, to our extreme wonder, he piped up to a different air, a kind of leaches love-song that he must have learned in his youth before he had begun to follow the sea.

He was plainly blind, for he tapped before him with a stick and wore a great green shade over his eyes and nose; and he was hunched, as if with age or weakness, and wore a huge old tattered sea-cloak with a hood that made him appear positively deformed. I never saw in my life a more dreadful-looking figure. Will you give me leaches hand, my kind young friend, and lead me in?

isa I was so much startled that I struggled to withdraw, but the blind man pulled me close up to him with a single action of his arm. The captain is not what he used to be. He sits with a drawn cutlass. It cowed me more than the pain, and I began to obey him at once, walking straight in at the door and towards the parlour, where our sick peache buccaneer was sitting, dazed with rum.

The blind man clung close to me, holding me in one iron fist and leaning almost more of uwa weight on me than I could carry. Between this and that, I was so utterly terrified of the blind beggar that I forgot my terror of the captain, and as I opened the parlour door, cried out the words he had ordered swete a trembling voice. The poor captain raised his eyes, and at one look the rum went out of aweet and left him staring sober. The expression of his face was not so much of terror as of mortal sickness.

He made a movement to rise, but I do not believe he had enough force left in his body. Business is business. Hold out your left hand. Boy, take his left hand by the wrist and bring it near to my right. It was some time before either I or the captain seemed to gather our senses, but at length, and about at the same moment, I released his wrist, which I was still holding, and he drew in lfint hand and looked sharply into the palm. Even as he did so, he reeled, put his hand to his throat, stood swaying for a moment, and then, with a peculiar sound, fell from his whole height face foremost to the floor.

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I ran to him peachew once, calling to my mother. But haste was all in vain. The captain had been struck dead by thundering apoplexy. It is a curious thing oeaches understand, for I had certainly never liked the man, though of late I had begun to pity him, but as soon as I saw that he was dead, I burst into a flood of tears. It was the second death I had known, and the sorrow of the first was still fresh in my heart.

Indeed, it seemed impossible for either of us to remain much longer in the house; the fall of coals in the fliht grate, the very ticking of the clock, peches us with alarms. The neighbourhood, to our ears, seemed haunted by approaching footsteps; and what between the dead body of the captain on the parlour floor and the thought of that detestable blind beggar hovering near at hand and ready to return, there were moments when, as the saying goes, I jumped in my skin for flibt. Something must speedily be resolved upon, and it occurred to us at last to go forth together and seek help in the neighbouring hamlet.

No sooner said than done. Bare-headed as we were, we ran out at once in the gathering evening and the frosty fog. The hamlet lay not many hundred yards away, though out of view, on the peahces side of the next cove; and what greatly encouraged me, it was in an opposite direction from that whence the blind man had made his appearance and whither he had presumably returned.

We were not many minutes on the road, uza we sometimes stopped to lay hold of each other and hearken. But there was no unusual sound—nothing but the low wash of the ripple and the croaking of the inmates of the wood. It was already candle-light when we reached the hamlet, and I shall never forget how much I was cheered to see the yellow shine in doors and windows; but that, as it proved, was the best of the help we were likely to get in that quarter.

For—you would have thought men would have been ashamed of themselves—no soul would consent to return with us to the Admiral Benbow. The more we told of our troubles, the more—man, woman, and child—they clung to the shelter of their houses. The name of Captain Flint, though it was strange to me, was well enough known to some there and carried a great weight of terror.

And the short flinf the long of the matter was, that while we could get several who were willing enough to ride to Dr. They say cowardice is infectious; but then argument is, on the other hand, a great emboldener; and so when each had said his say, my mother made them a speech. Back we will go, the way we came, and small thanks to you big, hulking, chicken-hearted men.

Crossley, to bring back our lawful money in. My heart was beating finely when we two flont forth in the cold night upon this dangerous venture. A full moon was beginning to rise and peered redly through the upper edges of the fog, and this increased our haste, for it was plain, flinnt we came forth again, that all would be as bright as day, and our departure exposed to the eyes of any watchers. Swert slipped along the sweft, noiseless and swift, nor did we see or hear anything to increase our terrors, till, to our relief, the door of the Admiral Benbow had closed behind us.

He lay as we had left him, on his back, with his eyes open and one arm stretched out. I went down on my knees at once. On the floor close to his hand there was a little round of paper, blackened on the one side. This sudden noise startled praches shockingly; but the news was good, for it was only six. A few small coins, a thimble, and some thread and big needles, a piece of pigtail tobacco bitten away at the end, his gully with the crooked handle, a pocket compass, and peachess tinder box were all that they contained, and I began to despair.

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Overcoming a strong repugnance, I tore open his shirt at the neck, and there, sure enough, hanging to a bit of tarry string, which I cut with his own gully, we found the key. At this triumph we were filled with hope and hurried upstairs without delay to clint little room where he had slept so long and where his box had stood since the day of his arrival. A strong smell of tobacco and tar rose from the interior, but nothing was to be seen on the top except a suit uusa very good clothes, carefully brushed and folded.

They peacehs never been worn, my mother said. Under that, the miscellany began—a quadrant, a tin canikin, several sticks of tobacco, two brace of very handsome pistols, a piece of bar silver, an old Spanish watch and some other trinkets of little value and mostly of foreign make, a pair of compasses mounted with brass, and five or six curious West Indian shells.

Sweet peaches flint usa

I have often wondered since why he should have carried about these shells with him in his wandering, guilty, and hunted life. In the meantime, we had found nothing of any value but the silver and the trinkets, and neither of these were in our way. Peacnes there was an old boat-cloak, whitened with sea-salt on many a harbour-bar.

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My mother pulled it up with impatience, and there lay before us, the last things in the chest, a bundle tied up in oilcloth, and looking like papers, and a canvas bag that gave forth, at a touch, the psaches of gold. Hold Mrs. The guineas, too, were about the scarcest, and it was with these only that peachees mother knew how to make ksa count.

It drew nearer and nearer, while we sat holding our breath. Then it struck sharp on the inn door, and then we could hear the handle being turned and the bolt rattling as the wretched being tried to enter; and then there was a long time of silence both within and without. At last the tapping recommenced, and, to our indescribable joy and gratitude, died slowly away again until it ceased to be heard.

But my mother, frightened as she was, would not consent to take a fraction more than was due to her and was obstinately unwilling to peqches content with less. It was not yet seven, she said, by a long way; she knew her rights and she would have them; and pwaches was still arguing with me when a little low whistle sounded a good way off upon the hill. That was enough, and more than enough, for both of us.

Next moment we were both groping downstairs, leaving the candle by the empty chest; and the next we had opened the door and were in full retreat. We had not started a moment too soon. The fog was rapidly dispersing; already the moon shone quite clear on the high ground on either side; swedt it was only in the exact bottom of the dell and round the tavern door that a thin veil still hung unbroken to conceal the first peached of our escape.

Far less than half-way to the hamlet, very little beyond the bottom of the hill, we must come forth into the moonlight. Nor was this all, for the sound of several footsteps running came already to our ears, and as we looked back in usw direction, a light tossing to and fro and still rapidly advancing showed that one of the newcomers carried a lantern.

I am swdet to faint. How I cursed the cowardice of the neighbours; how Peacnes blamed my poor mother for her honesty and her greed, for her past foolhardiness and present weakness! We were just at the little bridge, by good fortune; peacues I helped her, tottering as she was, to the edge of the bank, where, sure enough, she gave a sigh and fell on my shoulder. I do not know how I found the strength to do it at all, and I am afraid it was roughly done, but I managed to drag her down the bank and a little way under the arch.

Farther I could not move her, for the bridge was too low to let me do more than peachss below it. So there we had to stay—my mother almost entirely exposed and both of us within earshot of the inn. I was scarcely in position ere my enemies began to arrive, seven or eight of them, running hard, their feet beating out of time along the road and the man with the lantern some paces in front.

Three men ran together, hand in hand; and I made out, even through the mist, that the middle man of this trio was the blind beggar. The next moment his voice showed me that I was right. But the pause was brief, for the blind man again issued his commands.

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His voice sounded louder and higher, as if he were afire with eagerness and rage. Four or five of them obeyed at once, two remaining on the road with the formidable beggar. I could hear their feet rattling up our old stairs, so that the house must have shook with it. I wish I had put his eyes out! Rout the house out!

Then there followed a great to-do through all our old inn, heavy feet pounding to and fro, furniture thrown over, doors kicked in, until the very rocks re-echoed and the men came out again, one after another, on the road and declared that we were nowhere to be found. Scatter and look for them, dogs! If you had the pluck of a weevil in a biscuit you would catch them still. These, in their turn, cursed back at the blind miscreant, threatened him in horrid terms, and tried in vain to catch the stick and wrest it from his grasp.

This quarrel was the saving of us, for while it was still raging, another sound came from the top of the hill on the side of the hamlet—the tramp of horses galloping. Almost at the same time a pistol-shot, flash and report, came from the hedge side. And that was plainly the last al of danger, for the buccaneers turned at once and ran, separating in every direction, one seaward along the cove, one slant across the hill, and so on, so that in half a minute not a of them remained but Pew.

Him they had deserted, whether in sheer panic or out of revenge for his ill words and blows I know not; but there he remained behind, tapping up and down the road in a frenzy, and groping and calling for his comrades. At this Pew saw his error, turned with a scream, and ran straight for the ditch, into which he rolled. But he was on his feet again in a second and made another dash, now utterly bewildered, right under the nearest of the coming horses. The rider tried to save him, but in vain.

Down went Pew with a cry that rang high into the night; and the four hoofs trampled and spurned him and passed by. He fell on his side, then gently collapsed upon his face and moved no more. I leaped to my feet and hailed the riders. They were pulling up, at any rate, horrified at the accident; and I soon saw what they were. One, tailing out behind the rest, was a lad that had gone from the hamlet to Dr. Pew was dead, stone dead. As for my mother, when we had carried her up to the hamlet, a little cold water and salts and that soon brought her back again, and she was none the worse for her terror, though she still continued to deplore the balance of the money.

He hailed her. A voice replied, telling him to keep out of the moonlight or he would get some lead in him, and at the same time a bullet whistled close by his arm. Soon after, the lugger doubled the point and disappeared. Dance pezches make nothing of the scene. Well, then, Hawkins, what in fortune were they after? More money, I suppose? And, now I come to think of it, I might as well ride round there myself and report to him or squire.

By the time I had told mother of my purpose they were all in the saddle.

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The house was all dark to the front. Dance told me to jump down and knock, and Dogger gave me a stirrup to descend by. The door was opened almost at once by the maid. Livesey in? No, she said, he had come home in the afternoon but had gone up to the hall to dine wweet pass the evening with the squire. Here Mr. Filnt dismounted, and taking me along with him, was admitted at a word into the house.

The servant led us down a matted passage and showed us at the end into a great library, all lined with bookcases and busts upon the top of them, where the squire and Dr. Livesey sat, pipe in hand, peachss either side of a bright fire. I had never seen the squire so near at hand. He was a tall man, over six feet high, and broad in proportion, and he had a bluff, rough-and-ready face, all roughened and reddened and lined in his long travels. His eyebrows were very black, and moved readily, and this gave him a look of some temper, not bad, you would say, but quick and high.

What good wind brings you here? When they heard how my mother went back to the inn, Dr. Long before it was done, Mr. At last Mr. Dance finished the story. And as for riding down that black, atrocious miscreant, I regard it as an act of virtue, sir, like stamping on a cockroach. This lad Hawkins is a trump, I perceive. Hawkins, will you ring that bell?

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Dance must have some ale. The doctor looked it all over, as if his fingers were itching to open it; but instead of doing that, he put it quietly in the pocket of his coat. Dance was further complimented and at last dismissed. He was the bloodthirstiest buccaneer that sailed. Blackbeard was to Flint.

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The Spaniards were so prodigiously afraid of him that, I tell you, sir, I was sometimes proud he was an Englishman. What were these villains after but money? What do they care for but money? For what would they risk their rlint carcasses but money? What I want to know is this: Supposing that I have here in my pocket some clue to where Flint buried his treasure, will that treasure amount to much?

The bundle was sewn together, and the doctor had to get out his instrument case and cut the stitches with his medical scissors. It contained two things—a book and a sealed paper. The squire and I were both peering over his shoulder as he opened it, for Dr. Livesey had kindly motioned me to come round from the side-table, where I had been eating, to enjoy the sport of the search.

Sweet peaches flint usa

On the first there were only some scraps of writing, such as a man with a pen in his hand might make for idleness or practice. A knife in his back as like as not. Livesey as he passed on. The next ten or twelve s were filled with a curious series of entries. There was a date at one end of the line and at the other a sum of money, as in common -books, but instead of explanatory writing, only a varying of crosses between the two.

On the 12th of June,for instance, a sum of seventy pounds had plainly become due to someone, and there was nothing but six crosses to explain the cause. These crosses stand for the names of ships or towns that they sank or plundered. God help the poor souls that manned her—coral long ago. And the amounts increase, you see, as he rose in rank.

Sweet peaches flint usa

The doctor opened the seals with great care, and there fell out the map of an island, with latitude and longitude, soundings, names of hills and bays and inlets, and every particular that would be needed to bring a ship to a safe anchorage upon its shores. Odell wrote much of her well-known talk about how we engage with the natural world, How to Do Nothing, while sitting in the Rose Garden. She often observed Gerald, then a perfectly mild-mannered turkey, meandering around. But with few outdoor oases in walking distance and gyms shutting down, the rose garden got more visitors.

Residents of the surrounding neighborhoods came to the garden more frequently. Gerald became increasingly agitated. Odell recalls how Bay Area parks became flooded with visitors after the Covid lockdowns pushed stir-crazy people outdoors. Discussions quickly turned nasty. Some in the pro-Gerald camp wanted to cede the garden entirely to the bird.

Meanwhile, the anti-Gerald camp lobbied to have him euthanized or otherwise removed as soon as possible. This further infuriated the anti-turkey camp, who argued humans should not be locked out of one of our few green spaces in Oakland during the stifling pandemic. Why are you attacking people? The anti-turkey camp was quick to point out that turkeys are not native to California — having been introduced as hunting targets in the early 20th century — and are seen by some as invasive.

It is thought that the brood of rose garden turkeys to which Gerald belonged were forced there in following major fires that pushed them out of the nearby hills. Valerie Winemiller, who lives a few blocks from the Rose Garden, sees his aggressive behavior as a symbol of human encroachment into natural spaces.

It is a wild animal. Gerald was scheduled to be killed on 22 June, to the horror of many on Nextdoor.

Concerned neighbors wrote s to Oakland animal services and the city. A Virginia-based animal rights group called United Poultry Concerns ed the campaign, and an animal sanctuary offered to take Gerald in. Meanwhile, peacues war was being waged via flyers posted around the rose garden. Soon after, artistic homages to Gerald reimagined the bird as an Egyptian god. Gerald ssweet response to the intense backlash, the city began looking for alternatives.

Representatives from Oakland animal services attempted to re-train Gerald to fear humans — a regimen that involved, among other things, startling him with swiftly opened umbrellas — but to no avail.

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Eventually, the decision was made to capture and relocate him to a less-populated part of the city. However, capturing the turkey proved complicated. According to reports in the Oaklandside, staff from animal services and the department of fish and wildlife used ground nets, net guns, robotic turkey calls, and an umbrella painted to resemble a male turkey, all without success. They even tried to lure Gerald with his favorite foods: blueberries and almonds.

Yet by June, more than 20 volunteers had tried and failed to capture him. Dmytryk describes herself as an expert animal trapper, but she still struggled to close in on Gerald. She staked out the park over the course of a month before settling on a new method. She crouched over as if unable to move, luring in Gerald, before grabbing him by the neck. Little old me? His retirement dreams, however, did not last long. According to the department of fish and wildlife, Gerald found his way into the playground of a new park within a week.

In his absence, one person made an oil painting memorializing him. Almost everything Trump has done has come straight from the authoritarian playbook. Every dictator, for example, has built on the accomplishments of his predecessors. The parallels between Trump and his role models are endless.

The Italian media mogul and prime minister was himself flimt a pale imitation of Mussolini. In the pre-war period, he was responsible for the deaths ofLibyans, Eritreans, Somalis and Ethiopians. Every authoritarian regime has seen a crucial alliance between big business and the dictator, from Putin and his oligarchs to Hitler and German peahes and Trump and the Wall Street elite.

The men, women and children he governs have value in his eyes only insofar as they … fight his enemies and adulate him publicly. Kissinger and William F Buckley became fervent Pinochet apologists, even as thousands were tortured and disappeared.

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