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Seeking friend to show me around Kingsland online About You are deeply loved by your Father in Heaven. You are not a disappointment to God.


Good morning. IKngsland This is This is the the the is the day day day that. We say thank you. I'm going to light the candle to remind that Jesus is always with and and that we're walking in the light Jesus. I will now hand. It's Webb for for our Bible story.

Good morning children. I'd like to share one of of my Bible stories with you this morning. It's called Jesus' Special Friends. Jesus grew up in a in a place called Galilee, where there was large and and beautiful it was there to come to the work that gave him Kimgsland do. Jesus is like like a told people he wants all of you to to be be part part part of of of his his his kingdom. People like to hear Jesus talking in fact one morning, the crowd so huge that Jesus was nearly pushed into the Sea.

Jesus asked the fisherman. Could I Could I borrow boat for a while?

Seeking friend to show me around Kingsland

The fisherman's name is Of course, he he said. It's not doing me good. I was out all night and I didn't catch a Jesus climbed into boat, rodd a little away from shore and from there, Jesus talked talked to the crowd crowd when when he he finished finished. Whispered I'd like to catch fish Peters back his head and laughed.

I told you man and I would have all night and we caught nothing. Jesus didn't say where he just smiled and looked to Lake or at Peter said. If that's that's what you frined to So, Peter it sail to the deepest parts of the Lake. It took no time at all that started pulling and and jerking jerking jerking and and and stretching. Seekimg stop the the boat from over help, Peter call to some friends nearby help me and he wrote to them as they could and altogether the man pulled on the on the fish came tumbling and slapping deck of both fish bluefish, not just one one fish two fish, so many of boats would have cut the fisherman not road quickly back to shore.

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Peter look. Look at his friends and look Jesus and to his knees trembling Frined or someone full of his power could that. Peter Sadd and why someone like that want to go frienc with the Kingsand of me, Jesus shook his head smiled don't be scared, He said. God has given me a lot of work to do and I need is help is like you you and and your your friends.

But from on you'll be for people and helping me to bring them to God, then Jesus stepped stepped out boat and walked across the shore. Come with me, he called Paton. They look to the fish. It's time to have our reflections from our school chaplain. Thank you Miss Vt for reading Today's She's really like fishing. Let's go lines everyone. That's what means good look you go fishing. Everyone's gonna need a fishing rod bait. Let's put the bait on our land.

Now, let's our fishing line into the Sea.

I vantaggi dell'hotel camden local news kingsland drainage issues has documented history — flood victims seek solutions areas that flooded throughout kingsland deated as non-flood zones show a documented history is drainage work and complaints.

I think it's gonna be a good day today. I'm gonna have some big catches. I've I've got one something here. It's a sword fish. That's a big fish. It's a good Sun is shining they're not. Got some way it's even bigger.

Seeking friend to show me around Kingsland

I'm gonna try again. Well, I I never thought that I have good day Fisherman's tails.

Oh, look what I've got here. Look at that. I'm not sure that's out again while I'm having a good look.

Seeking friend to show me around Kingsland

This is exciting, you know you never know what you're gonna catch. Oh look at that. It's a gold fish. It's all of different kind of fish in the Sea. Again, What up time a little bit different this time? What's that? I'm back into the water. That's what happens when you go fishing, you're gonna get wet. I'm gonna for one last time. It's a bit less today, and girls, but look what I got here. Watch this another thought it's imagined.

I could catch people, but that's what Jesus said he would do. This This This come come follow follow come follow me me me. What Jesus meant. Who would help learn about him we say and do and we'll bring them in as followers by being being friends, let's think about it so the things we can do with our friends. If you think it's a good idea, give a thumbs up don't agree to it out here and give a thumbs down I go to Disneyland with my friend, I I would would go go to to the.

I don't have the Ruby. A share ice cream with my friend, go to sleep over at my friend's House. I help my friend practice their football training. We all love our friends and it's fun do things with them.

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If it's not your favorite thing to do in Bible, it says I found a law that's all times This means if we are friends, we will help help another and share God's love to one another no matter what situation in well Kingslannd bit with friends in the story. Miss Webber is for.

Seeking friend to show me around Kingsland

You come along and help bring the fish the even though it's hard work every day, your fans can show that caffeine and you can show how you care for them During this time, we can't be with our friends. Of of Jesus with everyone, we meet, we others to become his father, a walk in the light of Jesus. Chloe is going to read a poem about friendship for us take the time to focus on at home, but which line you you think think the the best.

Reverend Day follow Chloe to lead us in prayer and after prayer I' Gone fishing Friendship is five things to together are relying on on each other I possible on own eat and enjoy enjoy together and never deep someone else as sharing hopes and dreams happiness and laughter I including others peer pressure. Let's pray together, shall we and we're we're gonna use hand for our prayers today as we pray, we're gonna use each different so I start off with a let's pray as we put our thumb up today, we say a big thank you to you for all the special people in our lives all our good friends.

We thank you for all your goodness to us for all the lovely things that we have God. We are really grateful. I your next finger. And as we pray today, we add on our finger and Lord we pray and that you would forgive us Lord when we point the finger at people Lord when we say things that we shouldn't, we pray that you'd forgive us. Would you give us lots of patience, especially when things are different at the moment, give a a lot of patience the hope and for those of us in school as we all all love one another.

I don't your next finger your. This is the biggest thing so Lord we pray that you will keep us strong Lord in this strange times that we're living in. Even when we feel sad, you feel our hearts with hope and with good things? Lord we look to you and we we pray that you keep us and healthy God next we're gonna add fore finger and that's if you of us that are married. That's our finger so Lord as we are on our ring promise finger Lord. We pray for all the people that promised to him to look after and.

Care about Lord for everyone in in home from moms and d for aunts and uncles and NS and grandd and brothers and sisters and those people that care for us and look after us. God help us to think about one another us to keep one of the safe and keep one another happy and last of all, we've got our little finger so we're we're gonna little finger for a prayer father God today we pray for all those people that. A little bit little little bit isolated a little bit left out those people that are feeling a a sad and feeling a bit down.

Kingsland find rhyme and reason to smile at Star o' Rabbie Burns

We pray that you pick them up and we pray that you'd remind us to do all that can to send a message to be Kingslanv be to be nice to share a smile and to try and help as many people as can as bring our hands. We're gonna together in the Lord's prayer father in Heaven hallowed. Be your name Your kingdom.

Give us today our daily bread forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us lead us not into but us from evil for the kingdom, the power and the glory of yours now and forever. Oh, Sweking God bless you and gonna over now Missy Street.

Kingslad great to be together today as we worship and as we think about the gift of friendship. Let me ask you question who likes getting I know I getting presents. Would you feel like like when you present you feel special. You feel loved you when you get a present.

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