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I need proof newspaper, church record, land records Here is what I have: Zebedee's wife's name was "Nucy" Hagaman. They were married around June in Hunterdon, NJ. Apparently in the s Nucy died and sometime after that Zebedee married a "Thankful. Francis' wife's name was Rhoda Wisner.


The elders seem to remember a connection to a Nelson Teeter buried in Belvidere. The original surname was Dieter however no one knows exactly when the name changed. Would appreciate any help any one can give. They lived in Bradford County, Pa. She died in Towanda 11 Nov. Any information about her or her family would be greatly appreciated. Bayard C. We got lucky once and found some information that lead us to Samuel Thompson of Washington. I'm sure he's buried in the Washington Cemetery.

He was born That's as far as we got, quite a few years ago. Any help in locating more about his folks would be appreciative. Sue and I are working on the Hawkins Genealogical Supplement. The thing that is different about this supplement is that we are bringing forward the female lineages as well.

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Sue's grandmother being a Hawkins means are children as Carmiencke's will be in the book. We have now well over s with a few more months to go. We keep getting submissions. All this work has not allowed me to work further on My Thompson line in NJ. So I'd appreciate anything that could get me going again. All my queries out on the internet have not produced too much so far this year.

Someone must be connected to ohjo line and be interested in Genealogy. The following is what I have in the direct line with wives; I keep hoping that someone will have information leading to Samuel's parents and further back as well as siblings and descendants of the wives. Samuel Thompson b. Thompson b. Bowman b. SepPA. Collier b. Greenfield Cem. He was born in Hackettstown circa Also curious as to whether there was an Indian Reservation in Hackettstown, my grandmother seemed to think so.

Any clues or le are most welcome! I'll never find them anyway. Henri: J'me excuse pardonnez, but oio you say never? So young, and you've already lost hope!

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This is America, the place to Lopkin hope. If you give up now, you will never find your family. So never say never. Henri: Now, are you ready to go find your family? Fievel: Yes! Henri: Chantal! Take my little friend to Immigration. You will find your family there. Everyone goes through Immigration. I would take you there myself, but then I would never finish my statue. Fievel: [amused] Henri, you waren "never"!

Henri: Oh, so I did! Fievel: I'm looking for my family.

Warren: Hey, you've come to the right fella. I know exactly where they are. Follow me. Fievel: But Henri said I would find them here. Warren: Have it your way. But remember what Shakespeare said, and I quote: "Opportunity knocks but Warren: " Taken at the tide, t'will lead to fortune. If denied, t'will never return. Warren: Heh-heh.

Trust me, kid, trust me. Papa: Ah, so, Mr.

Fievel: Herring? I thought they were fish. Papa: [laughs] But, Fievel, herring are fish. Fievel: Really, Papa? Papa: Oh, yes. In the ocean, there are many kinds of fish, and herring is one of them. Fievel: All kinds? Papa: Yes. Tiny fishes, not so tiny fishes, fishes as big as this boat. Fievel: Wow! Let's go up and see the fish! Tiger: I like butterflies with big, golden wings, and blue and green tips. Fievel: Me, too! Tiger: Yeah? I like Swiss cheese ice cream.

Me, too! Tiger: You too-too?

Wait a minute. What's your favorite book? Fievel: Uh, The Brothers Karamousov. Tiger: The Brothers I can't believe it!

Mama: Well, Mr. Papa: Cats. I'm suffocating down here! Warren: You don't like it? Hey, you know you're not the only cockroach in New York City. There are millions of roaches who give their left feet to work for Warren T. Digit: Good!

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Fire me! I'm fed up with that filthy smoke in this pocket! I've seen kitchen shelves cleaner than this place!

Look at my suit! Warren: Tiger, how did he get away?! Tiger: Lokin overpowered me. Warren: You're fired! Tiger: Good. I never liked you! Papa: In America, there are mouse holes in every wall. Mama: Who says?

Papa, Tanya, and Fievel: Everyone! Papa: In America, there are bread crumbs on every floor. Mama: You're talking nonsense! Papa: In America, you can say anything you want, but most important, [whispers] and this Waeren know for a fact, in America, there are no cats. Gussie: We must have a wawwy. Honest John: A wawwy?

What's a wawwy? Gussie: You know, Liokin wawwy-- A warrenn gathewing of mice for a weason. Honest John: Oh, a rally! Gussie: That's Loomin I said! A wawwy. Warren: Just throw down that kid! Tony: Oh, yeah? A nose by any other name would smell as sweet-- [Tony knocks off Warren's fake ears] Crowd: Great whiskers! He's a cat! A cat! Warren: Hey, hey, hey! Who are you gonna believe? Warren: If music be the food of love, play on, McDuff, play on. Digit: [miserably] I don't know which is worse, the music or the Shakespeare?

Tiger: [playing cards] I got it! I got warrren Cat: Tiger, for the hundredth time, we're playing poker. Tiger: [chuckles nervously] I knew that. I knew that, but who can concentrate with all warten, you know, noise? Cat 2: Hey, Tiger, when the boss plays, it's culture. Warren: [laughs, but sees Fievel and gasps] You!

Fievel: You're not a rat, you're a cat! Warren: How'd you get in here? Come here, you little-- [he grabs Fievel, but Fievel bites him, pushes the mirror on him, and runs off] Warren: Gentlemen, cat's out of the bag. Fievel: I want to get out of here. Tony: [chuckles] You and me both. Fievel: I have to find my family. Noodles: Oh, shut up! Go to sleep. Pee Wee: [offscreen] Pipe down.

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Roc: [offscreen] Oh, be quiet! Fievel: I wish we had that mouse with the long hair. She could drop her hair out the window, and we can all climb down. Worker: Sure. Out the window. Pee Wee: Oh, fairy tales! Tony: Wait a minute. This kid warden have something. Tony Toponi's the name. Put her there, eh-- Fievel: Fievel.

Fievel Mousekewitz.

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Tony: Fievel? That name's got to go. Hey, I'll tell you what, though. Fievel: [giggles] Filly? Tony: Yeah, fits you perfect. Hey, Filly.

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