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Were the Romans blond and blue-eyed? Hopefully this abridged translation from the Spanish blogsite Evropa Soberana, which could be read together with the first installment about the phenotype of Greeks in Classical Europe, will throw more light on why anti-Nordicists are deluding themselves. This YouTube clip contains the first minutes from the series Rome, where fighting between Gauls and Romans is recreated.

The series had tremendous blunders, great nonsense, and several lies and BS in abundance. But the atmosphere was curious, as was the march of historical events, the legions in action, the splendor of the imperial palaces, the goings-on in the alleys of Rome, etc. One of the protagonists of the series was a centurion, the one with the whistle. He was blond. But how can you be so fascists so Nordicists, so Nazis so anti-Teresa-de-Calcutta, as Eurocentric and racists as these media?

If you had a minimum of culture like me you should know that the Romans were of Mediterranean phenotype like me —and so on. Things like these I have heard more times than you can imagine. And similar poppycock we continue to hear even by people who, by their admiration of Rome, obviously have read something written by these sober and tough soldiers who were the Romans, right? In this article the testimonies from the handwriting of the real Romans are presented.

Forget the movies and the illiterate pundits and let the sources explain us how Romans saw themselves. The first Roman emperors as an example of patrician racial types We will examine the phenotype of the first Roman emperors, who were representative of the race of patricians, the Roman nobilitas, i. What interests me is not so much to demonstrate the presence of Nordic blood in the upper Roman class which is easybut mainly to show that the Nordic blood in Rome was also inextricably linked to the notion of divinity and of noble descent.

Some passages are originally in Greek. This is because Greek had great prestige as a cultured, poetic and philosophical language, and there were many Romans educated in that language. Of the Domitian family two branches have acquired distinction, the Calvini and the Ahenobarbi. The latter have as the founder of their race and the origin of their surname Lucius Domitius, to whom, as he was returning from the country, there once appeared twin youths of more than mortal majesty, so it is said, and bade him carry to the senate and people the news of a victory, which was as yet unknown.

And as a token blye their divinity it is said that they stroked his cheeks and turned his black beard to a ruddy hue, like that of bronze. This was perpetuated in his descendants, a great part of whom had red beards.

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Day Indo-European Origins. But let us not forget that Trajan was not Roman but a Spanish with Celtic blood, and therefore we should not eyess this into when trying to define the phenotype of the Roman patrician aristocracy. His facial features correspond to the Nordic type. Many emperors came to power in their advanced years, with already gray or white hair. However, many were even so described with light eyes.

If we had records of their appearance when they were young, it is likely that a ificant proportion of them had light hair.

Of the 9 Emperors with light hair, we know that at least 5 had clear eyes, and of the other 4 we know nothing about the color of their eyes. Of Tiberius, for example, we know nothing about his hair, maybe because he was bald when he came to power. And the same applies to Otto, who shaved his head and wore a wig. Many other emperors as Julius Caesarwithout being blond, were tall and had a very fair complexion, ruddy, or rosy.

From Commodus on I renounce to provide more emperor descriptions because: 1 — those individuals who began ascending to power were not of Roman origin, and therefore their phenotype cannot tell us anything about the genetic legacy of the nobilitas of Italian and patrician origin. At that time it was common that women of Roman high society should shave the manes of Germanic slaves to fix their blond-hair wigs. At that blonf, Central Europe was a buzzing propagating zone for the Indo-European stock.

From what is now Germany, of a semi-barbarous proto-civilization of the iron age, flowed migrant groups in all directions. These waves were of the Celts, the Hellenes, the Illyrians and the Italici also called italos or italiotas. At that time, the Italici, probably with some confederate Illyrian groups as in the case of the Dorians, broke into Italy. They were a people who, in contrast to the native inhabitants of Italy, were patriarchal blonc than matriarchal; ruddy rather than swarthy; that cremated their dead instead of burying them; that brought with them a whole pantheon of gods and heroic warriors, spoke an Indo-European language, yielded a war cult and whose symbology was a lot yees oriented to heavenly than earthly symbols.

Italici were the settlers of sites such as the Villanovan Culture. For two centuries, Rome lived under the despotism and tyranny of the Etruscan kings, he of a degenerate civilization that practiced sacrificial rituals, orgies, matriarchy, homosexuality, luxurious opulence, pedophilia, decadent entertainments, etc.

Lucretia committed suicide by honor and, this being the straw that broke the camel of the Roman patience, the patriarchs began a rebellion against the Etruscans that led to the overthrowing of the Etruscan kings, the founding of the Roman Republic and the systematic eradication of almost all Etruscan memory. Recreation of Rome during the Republic.

Pay attention to the shape of the boats, so reminiscent of the Scandinavian drakkar. With the expulsion of the Etruscan power two praetors later consuls who held the vacuum of power were named. It was therefore founded the Roman Republic, marked by social struggles between patricians nobles and plebeians. At that time, the original Populus Romanus was divided into 30 curiae tribes or clanswhose origin was lost among the Italic peoples before the invasion.

The curiae were headed by patres parents of the gens familythat is, the founding fathers of the clan and of each family that composed it.

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Each gens or family was considered descendant of a genius or semi-divine patriarch, who was worshiped on the household as protector idol of the house and their descendants. If we assimilate the fact that to the Romans a gens or family was a whole social, state, military and religious institution, we may understand the importance of the geniuses and patres as leaders of this small imperial cell, that corresponded to social, political and military leadership as well as leading positions in the characteristic Roman religious worship, where Jupiter is confused with the State, the patriarch, the Senate, the Legion and the bllue.

No wonder, then, that they were regarded as semi-divine and of very high wisdom. The patres were those who gave their name to the breed of the patricians, namely those belonging to the system of families and clans: the aristocracy, the first nobilitas, which differed from the plebs or plebeians—the people outside the Haair clans. At first, the male patricians were the only Roman citizens, the members of the Legion, the blonf ones who could be senators and enjoyed all the rights and duties traditionally associated with Roman citizenship.

So much, then, regarding his attitude towards the divine powers. Plutarch, De Vita: Sulla. Blye was the rest of his figure appears in eyee statues, but that fierce and unpleasant look of har blue eyes was still more terrible to stare at because the color of his face, being noted at intervals so ruddy and red mixed with his whiteness, and it is even said that he took his name from that, coming to be a nickname for the deated color. Etes may interpret this that light pigmentation was rare among the Romans.

But considering naming conventions, it is clear that the light features were quite common among the patricians. According to Karl Earlson: Once they had reached a certain stage in their lives, the patricians earned their additional name cognominawhich was often based on their physical appearance. The name Albus indicated light skin; Ravilla, gray eyes; Caesar, blue eyes; Flavius, blonde hair; Rufus, red hair; Longus, tall; Macer, a slender constitution. All these names were common among the patricians.

Plutarch Lg XI states that two men, one redhead and one swarthy, could be distinguished because the first would be called Rufus and the second Niger. Aelius Spartianus, in Historia Augusta II, IVsuggests that the Caesars earned their name from the fact that the founder of his gens had blue eyes oculis caesiis.

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Julius Paris, in De nominibus Epitome, VII, provides examples of names of women that, he says, have their origin in the pigmentation of those who held them: Rutila red hairCaesellia blue eyesRodacilla pink complexionMurrula and Burra red hair or ruddy complexion. I have provided all these quotations to show that these names were not purely arbitrary but were, in fact, based on physical characteristics; and that these features were not uncommon among certain strata of Roman hlond. The ancient ancestors of the patricians were still considered in Rome as a common heritage to be proud of.

In fact, such people were not scarce.

Lf blue eyes blond hair

Sieglin notes that eyws list could certainly be increased in the light of further research. Besides all this, Sieglin also compiled a list of 63 blond or red-haired Romans. Many of these individuals were patricians. He also found references to 27 blond divinities including Jupiter, Venus, Mercury, Diana, etc.

Man makes the gods in their own image. These blond gods speak of the racial nature of the early Romans. On the disappearance of the patricians and the mestization of blone original Romans What happened to the patricians? They faded with time. In the numerous conspiracies blknd intrigues of the Empire, it was common that after the formation of two opposing parties and the victory of one over the other, the winner assassinated the head of the enemy party, his family and all the families related to him.

The strong destroy each other and the weak continue to live, as George Bernard Shaw maintained. These calamities greatly decimated the patrician class.

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If we add the ongoing miscegenation in the majority of plebeian population, the immigration of slaves from Syria and the provinces of Asia Minor, Egypt and Africa, as well as the bleeding of the patrician stock over the battlefield, we may realize why the patricians did not last too long during the Empire, given the dysgenic situation.

John V. Day wrote: In a journal about the West and its future, it is fitting to end this article by briefly recounting the fate of the Roman upper class. Among Indo-European peoples, the Romans offer an especially useful example because they left masses of records, enabling later historians to determine what became of them. In Rome, though, the upper class was always a tiny minority. Instead of protecting its interests, it allowed itself to wither away.

Consider a bleak statistic.

Here are the lessons we took away from our time in China: sexy girlfriend Maddison

We know of about fifty patrician clans in the fifth century B. The decay continued in imperial times.

We know of the families of nearly four hundred Roman senators in A. If we in the Bkond want to avoid a similar fate, we must learn from Indo-European history. The Aemilsi, Fabii, Claudii. Manlii, Valerii and everyone else, blonf the Comelii have disappeared. Augustus and Claudius ascended 25 families to the Patriciate, and by the reign of Nerva all but 6 have disappeared. Of the families of nearly senators registered under Nero in 65 CE, trace has been lost bblue half of them in times of Nerva.

And the blonf are so complete that it can be assumed that these statistics represent quite accurately the disappearance of the male lineage of the families concerned. XI, Conclusion Were the Romans, then, blond? The original Romans did not descend from the original inhabitants of the Italian soil, but of the Italici italios or italiotas or as you please to call them and probably also of Illyrian groups, namely, Indo-European invaders who entered Italy from the North, what is now southern Germany.

However, in the later Rome these groups formed an aristocratic bloond ruling over a mob of pre-Indo-European origin and, later, even Semites and black slaves. This ended up in interbreeding between all these groups. Over time, the s of the dominant Nordic caste withered, and with them their strong patriarchal, sober and authoritative influence in favor of the dissolution of the Empire: expressed in its cosmopolitanism, multiculturalism and proliferation of slaves.

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