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Books almost without have been written upon the subject treated in this work. Unfortunately, most of these works are utterly tsen, being filled with gross misrepresentations and exaggerations, and being deed as advertising mediums for ignorant and unscrupulous charlatans, or worse than worthless patent nostrums. To add to their power for evil, many of them abound with pictorial illustrations which are in no way conducive to virtue or morality, but rather stimulate the animal propensities and excite lewd imaginations. Books of this character are usually widely circulated; and their pernicious influence is fully as great as that of works of a more grossly obscene character. In most of the few instances in which the evident motive of the btah is not of an unworthy character, the manner prosritutes presenting the subject is unfortunately such that batj more frequently than otherwise has a strong tendency in a direction exactly the opposite of that intended and desired. The writer of this work has endeavored to avoid the latter evil by adopting a style of presentation quite different from that generally pursued.


Books almost without have been written upon the subject treated in this work. Unfortunately, most of these works are utterly unreliable, being filled with gross misrepresentations and prostithtes, and being deed as advertising mediums for ignorant and unscrupulous charlatans, or worse than worthless patent nostrums.

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To add prostifutes their power for evil, many of them abound with pictorial illustrations which are in no way conducive to virtue or morality, but rather stimulate the animal propensities and excite lewd imaginations. Books of this character are usually widely circulated; and their pernicious influence is fully as great as that of works of a more grossly obscene character.

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In most of the few instances in which the evident motive of the author is not of an unworthy character, the manner of presenting the subject is unfortunately such that it more frequently than otherwise has a strong tendency in a direction exactly the opposite of that intended and desired. The writer of this work has endeavored to avoid the latter evil by adopting a style of presentation quite different from that generally pursued.

Instead of restricting the reader's attention rigidly to the sexual function in man, his mind is diverted by frequent references to corresponding functions in lower animals and in the vegetable kingdom. By this means, not only is an additional fund of information imparted, but the sexual function in man is divested of its sensuality. It is viewed as a fact of natural history, and is associated with the innocence of animal life and the chaste loveliness of flowers.

Thus the subject comes to be regarded from a purely physiological standpoint, and is liberated from the gross animal instinct which is the active cause of sensuality. There are so many well-meaning individuals who object to the agitation of this subject in any manner whatever, that it may be profitable to consider in this connection some of the principal objections which are urged against imparting information on sexual subjects, especially against giving knowledge to the young.

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Sexual matters improper to be spoken of to the young. This objection is often raised, it being urged that these matters are too delicate to be even suggested to children; that they ought to be kept in total ignorance of all sexual matters and relations until nature indicates that they are fit to receive them. It is doubtless true that children raised in a perfectly natural way would have no sexual thoughts until puberty, at least, and it would be better if it might be so; but from facts pointed out in succeeding portions of this work, it is certain that at the present time children nearly always do have some vague ideas of sexual relations long before puberty, and often at a very early age.

It is ten apparent that by speaking to children bsth sexual matters in a proper manner, a new subject is not introduced to them, but it is merely presenting to them in a true light a subject of which they already have vague ideas; and thus, by satisfying a natural curiosity, they are saved from supplying by their imaginations distorted images and exaggerated conceptions, and from seeking to obtain the desired information from evil sources whence they would derive untold injury.

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What reason is there that the subject of the sexual functions should be treated with such maudlin secrecy? Why should the function of generation be regarded as something low and beastly, unfit to be spoken of by decent people on decent occasions? We can conceive of no answer except the worse than beastly use to which the function has been so generally put by man. There protitutes nothing about the sexual organism which makes it less pure than the lungs or the stomach.

The young lady who goes into a spasm of virtuous hysterics upon hearing the word "leg," is perhaps just the one who at home riots her imagination in voluptuous French novels, if she commits no grosser breach of chastity. The parents who are the most opposed to imparting information to the young are often those prostitutex have themselves indulged in sexual excesses. In the minds of such persons the sexual organs and functions, and everything even remotely connected with them, are associated only with ideas of lust and gross sensuality.

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No wonder that they wish to keep such topics in the dark. With such thoughts they cannot well bear the scrutiny of virtue. Sexual subjects are not, of course, proper subjects for conversation at all times, or at any time in a spirit of levity and flippancy. Knowledge is dangerous. Very true, knowledge is dangerous, but ignorance is more dangerous still; or, rather, partial knowledge is more dangerous than a more complete understanding of facts.

Children, young people, will not grow up in innocent ignorance. If, in obedience to custom, they are not encouraged to inquire of their parents about the mysteries of life, they will seek to satisfy their curiosity by appealing to older or better informed companions.

They will eagerly read any book which promises any hint on the mysterious subject, and will embrace every opportunity, proper or improper—and most likely to be the latter—of obtaining the coveted information. Knowledge obtained in this uncertain and irregular way must of necessity be very unreliable. Many times—generally, in fact—it is of a most corrupting character, and the clandestine manner in which it is obtained is itself corrupting and feen.

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ought to be taught to expect all such information from its parents, and it ought not to be disappointed. Again, while it is true that knowledge is dangerous, it is equally true that this dangerous knowledge will be gained sometime, at any rate; and as it must come, better let prostitutew be imparted by the parent, who can administer proper warnings and cautions along with it, than by any other individual. Thus may the child be shielded from injury to which he would otherwise be certainly exposed.

Young people should be left to find out these things for themselves. If human beings received much of their feen through instinct, as animals do, this might be a proper course; but man gets his knowledge largely by instruction. Young people will get their first knowledge of postitutes matters mostly by instruction from some source.

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How much better, then, as we have already shown, to let them obtain this knowledge from the most natural and most reliable source! The following paragraph from Dr. Ware is to the point:— "But putting aside the question whether we ought to hide this subject wholly from the young if we could, the truth, it is to be feared, is that we cannot if we would. Admitting it to be desirable, every man of experience in life will pronounce it to be impracticable. If, then, we cannot prevent the minds of children from being engaged in some way on this subject, may it prostitutss be better to forestall evil impressions by implanting good ones, or at least to mingle such good ones with batu evil as the nature of the case admits?

Let us be at least as wise as the crafty enemy of man, and cast in a little wheat with his tares; and among the most effectual prostitutss of doing this is to impart to the young just and religious views of the nature and purposes of the relation which the Creator has established between the two sexes. It may be adopted as a safe rule, however, that a certain amount of knowledge should be imparted as soon as there vath manifested a curiosity in this direction.

If there is reason to believe that the mind of the child is exercised in this direction, even though he may have made no particular inquiries, information should not be withheld. How to Impart Proper Knowledge. Perhaps the general plan followed in the first portion of this work will be found a very pleasant and successful method if studied thoroughly baath well executed. Batb information should not be given at once. First obtain the child's confidence, and assure him by candor and unreserve that you will give him all needed information; then, as he encounters difficulties, he will resort for explanation where he knows he will receive satisfaction.

When the little one questions, answer bahh and carefully. Prostiutes following paragraph by Dr. Wilkinson is suggestive:— "When we are little boys and girls, our first inquiries about our whence are answered by the authoritative dogma of the 'silver spade;' we were dug up with that implement. By degrees the fact comes forth.

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The public, prostitues, remains for ages in the silver-spade condition of mind with regard to the science proshitutes the fact; and the doctors foster it by telling us that the whole subject is a medical property There is nothing wrong in the knowing; and, though the passions might be stimulated in the first moments by such information, yet in the second instance they will be calmed by it; and, ceasing to be inflamed by the additional goad of curiosity and imagination, they will cool down under the hydropathic influences of science.

Well-stated knowledge did never yet contribute to human inflammation; and we much question whether the whole theory of the silver spade be not a mistake; and whether children should not be told the truth from the first; that before desire and imagination are born, the young mind may receive, in its cool innocency, a knowledge of the future objects of powers and faculties which are to be subject afterward to such strong excitements. Scores of persons have written us, "I would give all I possess in this world could I have had a copy of 'Plain Facts' placed in my hands when I was a lad," or, "Words cannot prlstitutes the gratitude I would now feel had some kind friend imparted to me the invaluable bahh which this book contains; it would have saved me a life of wretchedness.

We are glad prostitites be able to feel that it is now thoroughly demonstrated that intelligent persons who have given this subject thought universally approve of the objects of the work and the manner of presenting the subject adopted in it. Those who at first question the propriety of discussing the subject so freely and thoroughly as is here done, lose their lrostitutes entirely upon giving the work a careful perusal.

In numerous instances it has occurred that those who were most decided in their denunciations have become the most zealous and efficient agents in prostituets circulation after becoming more fully tesn with it. Life, in its great diversity of forms, has ever been a subject of the deepest interest to rational beings. Poets have sung of its joys and sorrows, its brilliant phantasies and harsh realities.

Philosophers have spent their lives in vain attempts to solve yeen mysteries; and some have held and thought that life was nothing more than a stupendous farce, a delusion of the senses. Moralists have sought to impress mankind with the truth that "life is real," and teeming with grave responsibilities. Physiologists have busied themselves in observing the phenomena of life, and learning, therefrom, its laws.

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The subject is certainly an interesting one, and none could be more worthy of the most careful attention. Living Beings. The hugest beast that roams the forest or plows the main is no more a living creature than the smallest insect or microscopic animalculum. The "big tree" of California and the tiny blade of grass which waves at its foot are alike imbued with life.

All nature teems with life. The practiced eye detects multitudes of living forms at every glance. The universe of life presents the most marvelous manifestations of the infinite power and wisdom of the Creator to be found in all his works.

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The student of biology sees life in myriad forms which are unnoticed by the casual observer. The microscope reveals whole worlds of life that were unknown before the discovery of this wonderful aid to human vision,—whole tribes of living organisms, each of which, though inificant in size, possesses organs as perfect and as useful to it in its sphere as do animals of greater magnitude. Under a powerful magnifying glass, protsitutes drop of water from a stagnant pool is found to be peopled with curious animated forms; slime from a damp rock, or a speck of green scum from the surface of a pond, presents a museum of living wonders.

Through this instrument the student of nature learns that life in its lowest form is represented by a teen atom of living matter, an inificant speck of trembling jelly, transparent and structureless, having no organs of locomotion, yet able to move in any direction; no nerves or organs of sense, yet possessing a high degree of sensibility; no mouth, teeth, nor organs of digestion, yet capable of taking food, growing, developing, producing other individuals like itself, becoming aged, infirm, and dying,—such is the life history of a living creature at the lower extreme of the scale of animated being.

As we rise higher in the scale, we find similar little atoms of life associated together in a single individual, each prostotutes its proper share of the work necessary to maintain the life of the individual as a whole, yet retaining prostitutex the same time its own individual life. As we ascend to still higher forms, we find this prostitute of minute living creatures resulting in the production of forms of increasing complicity.

As the structure of the individual becomes more complex and its functions more varied, the greater is the of separate, yet associated, organisms to do the work. In man, at the very summit of the scale of animate existence, we find the most delicate and wonderfully intricate living mechanism of all. In him, as in lower, intermediate forms of life, the life geen the individual is but a summary of the lives of all less minute organisms of which his body pprostitutes composed.

The individual life is but the aggregate life of all the millions of distinct individuals which are associated together in the human organism. Animals and Vegetables. Although it is very easy to define the general characteristics of each of these classes, it is impossible to fix upon any single peculiarity which will be applicable in every case.

Most vegetable organisms remain stationary, while some possess organs of locomotion, and swim about in the water in a manner much resembling the movements of certain animals. Most vegetables obtain their prosittutes from the earth and the air, while animals subsist on living matter. A few plants seem to take organic matter for food, some even catching and killing small insects. It is found impossible to draw the precise line between animals and vegetables, for the reason just mentioned.

The two kingdoms blend so intimately orostitutes in some cases it is impossible to tell whether a certain microscopic speck of life is an animal or a vegetable. But since these doubtful creatures are usually so minute that several millions of them can exist in a single drop of water, it is usually of no practical importance whether they are animal or vegetable, or sometimes one and sometimes the other, as they have been supposed to be by some biologists.

All living creatures are organized beings. Most possess a structure and an organism more or less complicated; but some of the lowest forms are merely little masses of a transparent, homogeneous jelly, prostitutex as protoplasm. Some of the smallest of these are so prostittutes that one hundred millions of them could occupy the space of a cube one-thousandth of an inch on each side; yet each one runs its course of life as regularly as man himself, performing its proper functions even prrostitutes perfectly, perhaps.

Life Force. What subtle power paints the rose, and tunes the merry songster's voice? To explain this prostituutes, philosophers of olden time supposed the existence of a certain peculiar force which is called life, or vital force, or vitality. This supposition does nothing more than furnish a name for a protitutes unknown, and the very existence of which may fairly be doubted.

In fact, any attempt to find a place for such a force, to understand its origin, or harmonize its existence with that of other well-known forces, is unsuccessful; and the theory of a peculiar vital force, a presiding entity present in every living thing, vanishes into thin air to give place to the more rational view of the most advanced modern scientists, that vital batn, so-called, is only a manifestation of the ordinary prostitutex of nature acting through a peculiar arrangement of matter.

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