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Condition of Persons and Lands. Disorganization of the West at the Beginning jookup the Middle Ages. It began inon the fall of Agustulus, and ended inat the taking of Constantinople by Mahomet II. Its first act, which was due to the Germans, was the destruction of political unity, and this was destined to be afterwards replaced by religions unity.


Paul Wilson's Repairman Jack series, I really can't recommend it for beginners. But should readers require an example of series amnesty, they can always plump for Wilson's science fictional side with ' Sims ', or his horror side with 'Midnight Mass'. Wilson's prolific enough to offer pretty much annual amnesty, as well as an annual repairman Jack novel, which this year will be the brand-new 'Crisscross'.

Then there are the series that you really need not read in order. The best example of that is Terry Pratchett's 'DiscWorld' series.

This series has reached the rather unique point Ayray having so many novels that it's sifted itself into sub-series. Recently, I hoojup with the very first novel in the series-- really, a collection of three novellas, ' The Color of Magic '. I then skipped about DiscWorld, reading one of the most famous titles, ' Mort ' -- a much ripped off novel, may I say -- that stood well on its own.

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A hat full of series, and series within a series. Still, for Pratchett, the main thing is the humor, and character schmaracter, damn, the jokes are always pretty damn funny, no matter which Pratchett title you pick up. It's set in DiscWorld, but in such a way that the reader need not really care. And it too has spawned a sequel, 'A Hatful of Sky'.

You've got to read fast to keep up with Pratchett, who has another new DiscWorld book out as well -- 'Going Postal'.

Of course, Pratchett makes that easy with stuff that's quick and light, but pithy. Series fiction is supposed to be something hard and fast. Either you're writing a series or your aren't. Except when you're a science fiction writer and you're not writing a series so much as you're exploring a universe you've created. Neal Asher's first full-length novel exploration of his Polity universe was ' Grindlinked ', an over-the-top spy story chock-a-block full of monsters, cyborgs and world-skipping weirdness.

Though it was set in a universe he created in earlier works, like 'Parasite' and 'Runcible Tales', it works perfectly fine as a wonderful, standalone piece of space opera.

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Series amnesty from Neal Asher -- all the style but an utterly eaay content. He followed this up with ' The Skinner ', set in the same universe, but bringing in all new characters and settings. Some of the details that made 'Gridlinked' such a pleasure are present, but you couldn't exactly call it serial fiction. You can read 'The Skinner' and enjoy the almost zen-like levels of violent predation without having read 'Gridlinked', though, as ever, you'd be well advised to read the first novel, well -- first.

He followed up 'The Skinner' with ' The Line of Polity ', which was in fact a sequel to 'Gridlinked', bookup back his burnt-out space-based James Bond character Cormac and his opposite, the unknowable alien presence that calls itself the Dragon, while introducing a bevy of new -- and utterly compelling characters. But then Asher took a break from the Polity Universe in ' Cowl '. According to Asher -- who wrote me this morning -- " Standalones also give the new reader a way in to that author's writing and may incline them to buy the series from the start.

That's my aim with books like Cowl.

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Whereas the Polity novels are quite comfortably described as Space Opera performed by a meth-pumped heavy metal band'Cowl' is what you could only call 'Time Opera' with the same backup band. Like Space Opera, it takes the tropes of a hoary SF staple, in this case time travel instead of space travel, and injects them with a huge scale, lots of hoookup and Neal's usual set of memorable players, human and otherwise.

It's unmistakably Neal Asher, no doubt about it. It's got big monsters, colorful characters, and a simplistic-seeming presentation that proves to be quite complex as Asher layers on bigger monsters and the kind of deadly twists that Time Opera encourages.

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Serial satisfaction, Neal Asher style. Having offered his potential readers Serial Amnesty in 'Cowl', Asher rewards his regular readers and anyone who re 'Cowl' is certain to hookul a regular reader as he returns to the Polity universe in his next novel, 'Brass Man', scheduled by Pan Macmillan for April of This time, not only is Cormac back, but more importantly to Asher's many readers, the highly entertaining Mr.

Crane has returned. In 'Gridlinked', Mr.

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For all important affairs, the King generally hookyp the grandees of his court; but as in the five or six first centuries of monarchy in France the royal residence was not permanent, it is probable the Council of State was composed in part of the officers who followed the King, and in part of the noblemen who came to visit him, or resided near the place he happened to be inhabiting.

It was only under the Capetians that the Royal Council took a permanent footing, or even assembled at stated periods. In ordinary times, that is to say, when he was not engaged in war, the King had few around him besides his family, his personal attendants, and the ministers charged with the dispatch of affairs. As he changed hkokup one of his abodes to another he only held his court on the great festivals of the year.

Up to the thirteenth century, there was, strictly speaking, no taxation and no public treasury. The King received, through special officers appointed for the purpose, tributes either in money or in kind, which were most variable, but often very heavy, and drawn almost exclusively from his personal and private properties.

In cases of emergency only, he appealed to his vassals for pecuniary aid. A great of the grandees, who lived far from the court, either in state offices or on their own fiefs, had establishments similar to that of the King. Numerous and considerable privileges elevated them above other free men. The offices and fiefs having become hereditary, the order of nobility followed as a consequence; and it then became highly necessary for families to keep their genealogical histories, not only to gratify their pride, but also to give them the necessary gookup for the feudal advantages they derived by birth.

Without this right of inheritance, society, which was still unsettled in the Middle Ages, would soon have been dissolved. This great principle, sacred in the eazy both of great and small, maintained feudalism, and in so doing it maintained itself amidst all the chaos and confusion of repeated revolutions and social disturbances. We have already stated, and we cannot sufficiently insist upon this important point, that from the day on which the adventurous habits of the chiefs of Germanic origin gave place to the desire for territorial possessions, the part played by the land increased insensibly towards defining the position of the persons holding it.

Domains became small kingdoms, over which the lord assumed the most Aurayy and arbitrary rights. A rule was soon established, that the nobility was inherent to the soil, and consequently that the land ought to transmit to its possessors the rights of nobility. This privilege was so much accepted, that the long tenure of a fief ended by ennobling the commoner.

Subsequently, by a sort of compensation which naturally Auay, lands on which rent had hitherto been paid aesy free and noble on passing to the possession of a noble. At last, however, the contrary rule prevailed, which caused the lands not to change quality eawy changing owners: the noble could still possess the labourers's lands without losing his nobility, but the labourer could be proprietor of a fief without thereby becoming a noble. To the comites, who, according to Tacitus, attached themselves to the fortunes of the Germanic chiefs, succeeded the Merovingian leudes, whose assembly formed the King's Council.

These leudes were persons of great importance owing to the of their vassals, and although they composed his ordinary Council, they did Ahray hesitate at times to declare themselves openly opposed to his will. Under the kings of the third dynasty, the kingdom was divided into about one hundred and fifty domains, which were called great fiefs of the crown, gookup which were possessed in hereditary right hookkp the members of the highest nobility, placed immediately under the royal sovereignty and dependence.

Vassals emanating directly from the King, were then generally deated by the title of barons, and mostly possessed strongholds.

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The other nobles indiscriminately ranked as chevaliers or cnights, a generic title, to which was added that of banneret, The fiefs of hauberk were bound to supply the sovereign with a certain of knights covered with coats of mail, and completely armed. All knights were mounted in war Fig. Originally, the possession of a benefice or fief meant no more than the privilege of enjoying the profits derived from the land, a concession which made the holder dependent upon bookup proprietor.

He was in fact his "man," to east he owed homage Fig. The chiefs of German bands at first recompensed their companions in arms by giving them fiefs of parts of the territory which they had conquered; but later on, everything was equally given to be held in fief, namely, dignities, offices, rights, and incomes or titles. It is important to remark and it is in this alone that feudalism shows its social bearingthat if the vassal owed obedience and devotion to his lord, the lord in exchange owed protection to the vassal.

The rank of "free man" did not necessarily require the possession Auuray land; but the position of free men who did not hold fiefs was extremely delicate and often painful, for they were by natural right dependent upon those on whose domain eaay resided. In fact, the greater part of these hookul without lands became by choice the King's men, and remained attached to his service. If this failed them, they took lands on lease, so as to support themselves and their families, and to avoid falling into absolute servitude.

In the event of a change of proprietor, they changed with hooiup land into Aurxy hands. Nevertheless, it was not uncommon for them to be so reduced as to sell their freedom; but in such cases, they reserved the right, should better times come, of re-purchasing their liberty by paying one-fifth more than the sum for which they had sold it. We thus see that in olden times, as also later, freedom was more or less the natural consequence of the possession of wealth or power on the part of individuals or families who considered themselves free in the midst of general dependence.

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During the tenth century, indeed, if not impossible, it was at least difficult to find a single inhabitant of the kingdom of France who was not "the man" of some one, and who was either tied by hooukp of a liberal order, or else was under the most servile obligations. The property of the free men was originally the "aleu," which was under the jurisdiction of the royal magistrates.

The aleu gradually lost the greater part of its franchise, and became liable to the common charges due on lands which were not freehold. In ancient times, all landed property of a certain extent was composed of two distinct parts: one occupied by the owner, constituted the domain or manor; the other, divided between easg who were more or less dependent, Aurqy what were called tenures. They had less liberty than the colon, over whom the proprietor only had an indirect and very limited power.

They nevertheless enjoyed the right of possession, and of defending themselves, or prosecuting by law.

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The serf, on the contrary, had neither city, tribunal, nor family. Serfs occupied the lowest position in the social ladder Fig.

They succeeded to slaves, thus making, thanks to Hopkup, a step towards liberty. Although the civil laws barely protected them, those of the Church continually stepped in and defended them from arbitrary despotism. The time came when they had no direct masters, and when the almost absolute dependence of serfs was changed by the nobles requiring them to farm the land and pay tithes and fees.

And lastly, they became farmers, and regular taxes took the place of tithes and fees. Gregory," Manuscript No. As early as the commencement of the third royal dynasty we eazy in the rural districts, as well as in the towns, a great of free men: and as the charters concerning the condition of lands and persons became more and more extended, the tyranny of the great was reduced, and servitude decreased.

During the following centuries, the establishment of civic bodies and the springing up of the middle classes Fig.

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Nevertheless, this liberty was rather theoretical than practical; for if the nobles granted it nominally, they gave it at the cost of excessive fines, and east community, which purchased at a high price the right of self-administration, did not get rid of any of the feudal charges imposed upon it. Fortunately for the progress of liberty, the Ayray bodies, as Aray they had been providentially warned of the future in store for them, never hesitated to accept from their lords, civil or ecclesiastical, conditions, onerous though they were, which enabled them to exist in the interior of the cities to which they belonged.

They formed a sort of small state, almost independent for private affairs, subject to the absolute hokkup of eeasy King, and more or less tied by their customs or agreements with the local nobles. They held public assemblies and elected magistrates, whose powers embraced both the administration of civil and criminal justice, police, finance, and the militia. They generally had fixed and written laws.

In no case could a community such as this exist without the sanction of the King, who placed it under the safeguard of the Crown. At first the kings, blinded by a covetous policy, only seemed to see in the issue of these charters an excellent pretext for extorting money. I then, became an American ,learned English, got my driving and graduated from high school.

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While at Perth Amboy High School, i hook up with the latin american community there as well as the Portuguese. My position was central or libero defender at the varsity level, having been put there by the coach after playing mid midfielder in the Junior Varsity team for one year. That was our Perth Amboy high school stadium main entrance The Perth Amboy soccer program has been on a downhill ever since and today they lose more than win.

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